GFM and our partners, offer our vendors a complimentary FREE website design

This offer allows all GFM vendors, regardless of size, to enjoy the same advantages as other big businesses online, reflecting the growing shift towards online operations.

  • Vendors receive a complimentary website creation or makeover.

  • Vendors gets a free linkstems bio website link

  • The website is provided at no charge, however, all expenses related to establishing your business online are the responsibility of the business owners.

Vendors Participation

$25 Guest 1 day

$75 Guest 3 days

$125 Part Time 9 days

$200 Full Time 17 days



The Glastonbury Farmers Market is open to both new and established businesses interested in presenting their products to the Glastonbury community.

If you're interested in becoming a vendor at the Glastonbury Farmers Market, we invite you to complete the form below. This will allow us to learn more about your offerings, ensuring we maintain a diverse selection of products and services by carefully selecting vendors to avoid duplication.

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